Monday Keynote
Wireless Innovations for Smartphones

Dr. Hannu Kauppinen, Vice President, Head of Nokia Research Center

Abstract: The ever increasing demand for fast mobile internet connectivity continues to set challenges for research in radio communications. On one hand the capacity demand can be served by offloading data traffic to local networks. On the other hand using more bandwidth, and possibly dynamically allocating spectrum in a flexible way, will improve the usage of the available spectrum. The future of wireless access continues to be defined by the 3GPP and IEEE standards setting bodies. Radios can also provide innovative features that offer new functionalities for consumers, such as ultra-fast local connectivity, sensing and positioning. This talk will present examples of various radio, sensing and multimedia innovations for smartphones.

Speaker: Dr. Hannu Kauppinen currently holds the position of Vice President, Head of Nokia Research Center. In this capacity he is responsible for the long term research of mobile technologies that will secure product differentiation and long-term profitable growth for Nokia. Hannu Kauppinen has a strong track record in bringing research innovations to products. Dr. Kauppinen joined Nokia Research Center in 1997 has since then held key leadership positions in Nokia's wireless research. He has contributed to and overseen research in cognitive radio systems, cellular systems, wireless local connectivity, networking technologies, software defined radios, RF and antenna design, as well as sensing and positioning radios. During 2007-2008 and 2010-2011 Hannu Kauppinen was the Director of the Radio Systems Laboratory in Nokia Research Center. He was responsible for the research for 3GPP and IEEE radio standards as well as the research for cognitive and sensor radios to ensure innovativeness and competitiveness of wireless communication solutions in Nokia's products.