Information for ESWEEK Presentors

Oral Presentation Instructions: Technical session rooms are equipped with a projector and a laptop with Windows 7. Presenters are requested to upload their presentations to the room laptop using a USB stick. The laptops are equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, and Windows Media Player.

Poster Presentation Instructions: Display boards (100cm wide by 125cm high) will be available at the coffee break/poster room Rondo. The poster should measure no more than 90cm horizontally and 120cm vertically (e.g. portrait A0 size). Means to attach the posters will be provided at the poster stands. Presenters of the morning sessions are requested to set up their posters prior to the morning coffee break/poster session and remove them by lunchtime. Presenters of the afternoon sessions are requested to set up the posters prior to the afternoon coffee break and remove them by the end of the day.