Full day Tutorial


Automating System-Level Design and Modeling using Meta-Modeling and Code-Generation Techniques


Wolfgang Ecker, Infineon Technologies
Rainer Findenig, DMCE Intel Linz
Daniel Muller-Gritschneder, Technical University of Munich
Wolfgang Muller, Heinz Nixdorf Institute - Paderborn University
Munish Jassi, Technical University of Munich
Michael Velten, Infineon Technologies


The tutorial presents the application of the known software development methodology "Meta-Modeling and Code Generation" to the design of SOCs at system level. Recent research aspects are covered as well as the practical application of the technology. Mainly the semi-automated generation of SystemC virtual prototypes and firmware are covered in the tutorial even if the methodology is able to generate implementation and verification items as well.

Meta-Modeling opens a complete new modeling space for hardware designers. Instead of thinking in models of computation or description languages, the designers think and model in terms of things, attributes of these things and their relationships. The description of involved things, attributes, and relationships is described in a so called Meta-Model. A Model, being an instance of a Meta-Model describes one specific thing with its subelements, attribute values and relation settings. The design view, such as a SystemC-TLM model is finally generated from the model. Pictures on top right, coprighted to Yuri Demchenko.