Half day Tutorial


Unveiling the foundations and the practice of Measurement-based Probabilistic Timing Analysis


Francisco J. Cazorla, IIIA-CSIC and Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Tullio Vardanega, University of Padua
Jaume Abella, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Leonidas Kosmidis, Barcelona Supercomputing Center


In the last few years, probabilistic timing analysis (PTA) in general, and its measurement-based variant (MBPTA) in particular, has emerged as a new attractive approach to the problem of the worst-case execution time analysis of software programs.

This tutorial introduces attendees to the foundations and practices of MBPTA and to its relation with the state of the art, with emphasis on what its application exacts from the end user and what it requires from the execution platform. With the help of didactic material and hands-on exercises, participants will be exposed to the whole range of MBPTA concepts and procedures. The tutorial also presents the current advances of MBPTA and the main challenges it has to address to be fully ready for industrial use. Pictures on top right, coprighted to Yuri Demchenko.